The grand concept of Canadian multiculturalism which offers all ethnic groups the chance of survival deserves the support of all of us. The tremendous possibilities which multiculturalism offers have not been exhausted nearly enough by Canada's Germans. Seeing the necessity to centralize the efforts promoting German-Canadian cultural projects and organizations and thereby forestall the imminent loss of cultural identity of the German-Canadian ethnic group, some of those prominent for many years in promoting German-Canadian culture took the initiative in 1981 and established the Friedrich Schiller Foundation for German-Canadian Culture, not an organization in the usual sense but rather an all-inclusive association which would like to serve all German-Canadians and which should, therefore, be supported by all. An all-out call went forward from the founders for support of this undertaking.
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The Goals

The charter of the Friedrich Schiller Foundation describes the goals of this organization as follows:
  • to receive donations, contributions, and legacies and to invest such donations according to the Foundation's statute.

  • to use the income from such investments for the promotion of German culture in Canada in general and -- without detracting from the overall validity of this goal -- to promote the following specifically:

    • support of the German-Canadian Yearbook as well as other scholarly and documentary publications in the area of German-Canadian Studies written in German, English, or French;
    • support of research projects in the field of Canadiana Germanica;
    • support of German-Canadian archives, libraries, publishing houses and media;
    • promotion of German-Canadian Studies at all levels at institutions of learning;
    • support of German-Canadian cultural organizations, especially those with youth groups, as well as cultural projects which are conducted by individuals;
    • financing of travel costs for participants in scholarly or cultural conferences which pertain to German-Canadian Studies and the German ethno-cultural groups in Canada.

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Membership and Donations

here are four (4) types of membership:
  • Active Membership: A person or an organization donating $200 will be a member for one year;

  • Sustaining Membership: A person or an organization donating $1000 will be a member for seven (7) years; in the case of a $2000 donation, the membership will extend over fifteen (15) years;

  • Life Membership: A person or an organization donating $5000 or more will be a member for life;

  • Honorary Membership: This type of membership will be granted by the board of directors for outstanding service on behalf of the cultural foundation.)



    (Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. The charity's registration number is 0604249-23-25.)

Every person, member or non-member, can be elected to the seven-member board of directors. Members of all four types have one vote each at all meetings. An organization holding a membership can be represented officially by only one delegate. Members can be represented by proxy. Candidates for the board of directors must be nominated in writing by at least five (5) members, and the nominations must be received by the chairman of the board at least ten days (post-marked) before the annual general meeting. The nomination must be accompanied by the nominee's written acceptance of the nomination.

Everybody is invited to participate in this endeavour as donee, canvasser, or director. When all German-Canadians join in to help, our cultural foundation can become a milestone of the century for the benefit of Canada, Germany and other German-speaking nations, for the benefit of international understanding, and, last but not least, for the benefit of all German-Canadians.

Donation/ Memership Form

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Contact Information

Street address
c/o Lothar Zimmermann, Department of Modern Languages
University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4P3 



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